About me

Hi! I’m a forth-year undergraduate student at Nankai University majoring in Software Engineering. I will be pursuing a Ph.D. at ICT, CAS and be fortunate to be advised by Prof. Fei Sun. My research interests include Knowledge Editing, NLP, Trustworthy AI, Recommender System.



  • 🦋🌪️ The Butterfly Effect of Model Editing: Few Edits Can Trigger Large Language Models Collapse. [Paper] [Code] [Website]
    Wanli Yang, Fei Sun, Xinyu Ma, Xun Liu, Dawei Yin, Xueqi Cheng
    ACL 2024 Findings
  • Blinded by Generated Contexts: How Language Models Merge Generated and Retrieved Contexts for Open-Domain QA? [Paper]
    Hexiang Tan, Fei Sun, Wanli Yang, Yuanzhuo Wang, Qi Cao, Xueqi Cheng
    ACL 2024




  • Parallel Programming, taught by prof. Gang Wang [Course Project]

    Aiming at the parallel optimization of Inverted Index Intersection utilizing SIMD, Pthread, OpenMP, MPI, and CUDA